Melbourne DJ Corproate Parties and Events


Where it all began

Since I was young I always enjoyed an eclectic mix of music. Though around the age of 16 I remember particualrly getting into a lot of music on the radio and rap (namely from the States).  When I was turning 18, I wanted to make a big deal of it, for Aussies it’s an exciting time, getting your P’s, finishing school and being able to drink. Hosting a party at my parents home of the time we hired a DJ – and man I was impressed! The atmostphere it brought, the people enjoying the dancing, I was inspired.

Sometime later, a friend’s brother was looking for an apprentice. Next thing I was being taught the ropes and learning on a set of CDJ 100s! Since then I continued DJing and now in my 10th year! Countless gigs, tracks and great parties. It’s been amazing to turn a hobby into a job and bring my unique vibe and the atmostphere to all the events I DJ.

Melbourne Born and Bred

Growing up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Adam Spencer has spent his life inspired by the cultural city which he was first born. Playing gigs across various clubs, for countless birthdays and many weddings/engagement parties.

Now resident Friday evenings at the Dorset Gardens Hotel and performing at various private functions.

«  I’m fortunate to live in such a great city with music talent and inspiration left or right. »

– Adam Spencer

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